Oct 31, 2013

Do And Die In The Hood (explicit language)

The street light shines thru her broken
window. Sal bust his first nut onto
the floor. He grinds on a bouncing bootie.
Her volup tits swinging to the tombstone
rap that speak of fate to cum. One
corrupted soul pulling another one closer
as her devilish screams become louder…
His heart pumping faster than his erectile
Séance can continue. The caramel skin
and hazel reflection has him blind
within her vaginal perdition. She was
a freak, naked in Scarlet perfume.
He couldn't smell it for she was a red bone.
A black man's wild fantasy. Her licks and
sucks turns him on. He's on fire and
can't feel the burn. Numb to pain since
his wife and children left him alone.
And his job ended. Sal decides that
hustling and busting on hoes was the only
way to go. He was doing his usual, but
didn't consider her harmful just a trick
for a treat. He threw her a couple
of dollas so she'd keep his dic in her mouth.
Besides Scarlet was a clean hoe. If there
is such a thing? He drives home at 4:00am
in the morning. With his high fading he finally
notices the car lights in the rear view mirror.

Meanwhile: Scarlet's conversation

I finally got that nicca nah Gurl. I put it
on him so good this time, he's not going
anywhere. He's paying my bills and I
think we might get a crib together. I
haven't told him I was pregnant yet. But
the next time he hits this I will give him
the 411.

Sal awakes like a vampire, the sun glaring
into his lazy eye. He jumps up as his
cell phone is buzzing like a ton of flies in
Niecy's cramped motel room. Niecy was
at work. He'd have to cover up this lie
with a box of chocolates and say to her that
phat Hershey pussie shall melt in his mouth.
He didn't wanna hear any bytching and had
threatened to leave her if she kept complaining
about the rent. Sal began baggin his weed
for the next hustle when he gets a call from
a weird azz number.  He answers and it's his
distraught wife on the other end. She's hysterical
shouting Salina is very sick. Sal quickly brushes
his teeth and hops into his Jeep Cherokee headed
towards the city hospital. Salina was his first born.
He clenched the steering wheel driving 80 mph.
"Baby gurl I'm coming , hold on!"

Meanwhile:  Neicy's thoughts

Sal is getting out tomorrow if he doesn't have
his share of the rent. The dic is good but
I gotta eat too. Besides I feel like he is doing
somebody else and he knows I may be HIV
positive.  I oughta put something in his anus
and let him see how it feels… like a bullet.
Anyways I got this younger brotha I've been
checking out. I'll teach him how to treat Ms. Neicy
(pops gum) Halloween's ova nicca.
to be cont'd…

jhp ©2012-2013
all rights reserved by author 



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