Oct 11, 2013

Forever In My Heart

Ever so often, the ocean will chase the shore.
And the autumn winds will shake the tree bare
as leafs are scattered everywhere.
These sights made me want to smell the
scent of you after a school day. And sit and talk
with you about tomorrow. I simply needed to
steal our moment.  So I begin to think of ways
to steal what belongs in my heart. Like recording
your voice in a song, putting our photo in a
tightly sealed frame. Our silly smirks would never go away.
I needed to say more than "I love you forever
and always."  When you left home, I went and gathered
some of your things: strong mouthwash, worn out jacket
and stinky socks. Would you believe I collected
everything I could fit in a box. But, sadly I was chasing
a lost.  You promised to call me every night on the phone 
but I didn't hold my breath. I simply took a deep one and
gathered myself bowing my head in prayer.  One day
I feel you will miss me as much. If I stood in your way
I'd be like the rain. You wouldn't be able to mature in the sun.
And like the waves going out to sea and leafs growing back
on the trees you will return to me when it's time. My arms
will be open wide with an abundance of love. 

jhp ©2012-2013

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