Oct 18, 2013

Mellow Drama

I can't fathom the idea or entertain
the thought of sharing our mellow drama.
We have become established molding
into one another. Our unison emerged
straight from the heavens. We are blessed
with a bliss of togetherness.
And with each kiss you put on me is pure
paradise.  An alter call we've both been
patiently waiting for.  
Like a twisted pretzel and joined Siamese twins
it is official that our companionship is unending.
We suffocate for the happiness and exhale in ecstasy.
For our two hearts are one in the same.
We write our life pages and seal our own fate.
I'm forever thankful we took it to the next level
being able to move pass the physical connections of late 
night talks and morning booty calls.
Shall we not disrupt this symbol of infinite intimacy.
Let us raise the bar as Fly as we are...
Those buzzards can circle and circle but they can't kill
what is unbreakable. So let the madness of the fallen ones
flake off us like gold dust. God's creation is too beautiful
to waste and it's all Gucci my dearest*

jhp ©2012-2013

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