Oct 7, 2013

Red Rain

One suck pulled his  whimsical shadow
Her cure of this fleshly entity wiggled
In the buried box of undying leafs
The autumn of spring beseeching the bliss
Fangs crept upon her prepared theme
bosom laid in glaring sheen
as her succulent prowess revealed, bold and blue
As the wolf howls at the moon
A whiff of transformation has arrived like destiny's view
Her maroon lip mingles in the candlelight
clocks rewind for the bite of togetherness
bruises ache to become undressed
Let her lethargic self lay, let the organ rage
For the pureness has been caged
Inhaling to the smelling salt and possessive calls
A tantalizing leg sprawl emerges betwixt his vein
He is hers for a lifetime, hints a blood curdling scream
Shall the owl witness what darkness brings
For the want of sensitive things has disappeared
her depth is sending him the fears
Of the chills rolling up his spine
out comes the whips, chains and irresistible pain
As he forsook his conscious to drank the red rain

jhp ©2012-2013

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