Nov 1, 2013

Do And Die In The Hood (Pt. 2) explicit language

Sal arrives at the hospital where he's met
by his wife Debrah.  She takes him to ICU
where the doctors are doing more test on Salina.
He looks at his beautiful daughter's blotched skin.
Her fever hovered the room, Sal thought he was in hell.
Outside of the room, Debrah asked Sal when are
you going to sign the papers. Sal was floored, how
could she talk about divorce when his daughter is
clinging to life. Debrah states I know about the hoe
your living with at the motel and your dope dealing.
You've finally lost your mind. Have you forget about
our 12 year old son Derrick. He's really acting out
these days and now my Salina is sick. I just want it
all over with Sal. Sal raises his voice, okay but let
me see about my daughter first Debrah.  The doctor
comes back with his report. He states he's going to
put Salina on another dose of antibiotics to see if it
helps. He feels she may have some type of infection
from a parasite. After asking Debrah questions Sal
discovers his family have been eating three day left
overs and at filthy food banks. The doctor states he
would contact Sal if there were any changes.

On his drive home, Sal stops at a couple of locals to
make a sell. His hand quivers from lack of sleep.
He was also bothered by the fact he'd have to face Niecy.
As soon as he got to the motel he see's a trash bag at the
door. Damn, Sal whispers. I know this bytch didn't put
my shitz out. He opens room 211 and finds Neicy and
some young dude halfway naked watching TV. Sal goes
into a rage and tells Niecy she's gonna get what's coming
to her black azz. I got the rent money Niecy. Niecy
laughs and states , "call me a Couga all you want but my
rent is paid, belly full and my boo fucks me until I'm
good." Plus he hustles harder than you partner so get to
stepping. You think Imma work my fingers to the bone and
bag yo dope for nothing. Goodbye Sal. Goodbye Sal , the 25
year old Zavius  waved with a smirk. Sal moved towards the
bed when Zav picked up his 9mm gun. Zav calmly states,
don't make me do it man.  Sal grabs his clothes and leaves
the motel headed to Scarlet's crib.
Meanwhile: Niecy & Zavius

Boo don't worry bout dat nicca. And as far as my test I'm
negative baby. Zav, we can make love till the sun goes down
You don't have to worry about babies because my tubes
are tied.  Zavius: Niecy you sure your ready to take this to
the next level. I mean crack cocaine is that hard mama.
Niecy: fuk it and let's do this babe. I looked at a house on
28th street. It would be perfect lil daddie.

Sal reaches the apt, he had a gut feeling that his bad luck
wasn't done. He really didn't feel like pretending everyday
that he was going to make Scarlet his woman. He thought
once a hoe always one. But deep inside he knew Scarlet would
do anything for him. She was a desperate chic. He sighs as
he walked towards the bricks where behind the walls he'd
find screaming toddlers and scurrying roaches. Scarlet greets
him with a kiss. She does her usual dic sucking but for some
reason he couldn't jac off. He told Scarlet about his daughter.
Sal decided it was best he look for a 9 to 5. He didn't wanna
end up in jail. He could do some real time. Scarlet stated that
was cool but if he needed some extra sells he might have to hook
up with her cousin on 28th street. Sal mysteriously looked at
Scarlet as she strutted in a black thong to the kitchen to fix him
a ham sandwich. Sal stated baby gurl you are putting on some
pounds. Scarlet blushed and stated yea I know and that's what
I needed to talk to you about but first eat ya sandwich.
Afterwards, Scarlet gives Sal the news that she was expecting
his baby. Sal went to the bathroom. He felt queasy and light headed.
His mind was tortured with images of dope, baby bottles and
shitty diapers. He had to ask her to get rid of it.  When was the
right time? How many months are you Scarlet? She stated she
was close to 3 months. What! Sal stated he was going to the store
to get a BC powder and would be back in few hours. He told
Scarlet to hook him up with her cousin , coz he was gonna have
to go hard. He was already in the rears in child support.

Meanwhile: Scarlet's Conversation

What's up Scoop? Cuz I need you to put the love of my life
on game. He really needs this and so do I. You may have
another lil cuz running around here in 6 months. Scoop explains
he's already got this young blood name Zav on the block but
he would call her back in a couple and let her know the business.
Meanwhile: Sal's Thoughts

I can't believe it. I'm losing everything and gaining nothing.
I shouldn't have ever touched that bytch Scarlet. Even if the
pussie was great. And that trifling bytch Niecy didn't have to put
my shitz out. Sal turns up a bottle of E & J. A tear rolls out the
corner of his eye as he puts his heat under the car seat.
(phone rings)

It was a call from the hospital stating Sal needed to come quick
and see his daughter. Sal dropped the bottle as the glass shattered
his nightmare was just beginning. He ran through hospital doors
into the ICU where he was informed his daughter's organs are
shutting down and prepare for the worst. His wife Debrah sat by
Salina's bed in a daze. She wouldn't talk to anyone. Sal tried and
comfort her as she stared at him. And then she blurted out I hate
you! If my daughter dies I'll never forgive you SOB. I hate you!
About that time Salina's angelic body was moving towards the light.
Sal couldn't breathe as he fell on his knees watching his daughter
go into a permanent sleep. The doctors pronounced her death at
1:00 pm .  In disbelief Sal ran to his car where he remained until
the next day. He found out from a family friend that his daughter
would have to be cremated and Debrah would have the ashes
spread out at sea. After two days of sleeping in his car on the mean
streets of Baltimore Sal decides to go back to Scarlet's place.
He felt his spirit go into a perdition he couldn't control…
His blood shot eyes and funky odor reeked like the monster he
had become. Back at Scarlet's he tells of the tragedy and how his wife
hated him so much. He scorned Scarlet stating u red bytch do
whatevea you want with the baby, its yours. Sal falls in a slump on the
sofa before Scarlet could inform him about the crack cocaine on
25th street.

Meanwhile: Debrah's Thoughts

My daughter is gone all because of that no count bastard Sal.
If he had of been a good man and stood by my side we wouldn't
be going through this. I wanna see the bytch he left me for.
Was she worth losing our daughter? Hell naw! I want Sal to pay
for how he has destroyed my life. She sends their son Derrick to
stay with his Auntie for a couple of weeks.

to be cont'd

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all rights reserved by author 

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