Nov 8, 2013

Do & Die In The Hood (conclusion) explicit language

Sal drives like a maniac to Scarlet's, the 15 min drive seemed like eternity. He slammed the steel door shut.(boom) Scarlet came out of the bedroom as she watched Sal pace back and forth. What's wrong? What happened baby? Nothing Sal shouted, I…I Sal stuttered I thought the 5.0 was following me. I'm okay, could you get me a shot love. Scarlet poured Sal a stiff drink. Sal turned on WPBB News, he sat focused on every word. He knew Niecy was dead, he just knew it! Scarlet said she was going back to bed due to the fact her back was hurting and she needed more sleep. Sal didn't hear Scarlet's sweet voice. He didn't hear the hurt deep from within. Finally, the news revealed a black female in her early thirties was hit by an unknown suspect on 28th stree but the gun shot wound was not fatal. Sal like to have jumped out of his skin when he seen Zavius in the background talking to the police. Sal decided he would wait until tomorrow and try and visit Niecy. He needed answers before he got to deep with Scoop's dealing.  The shooting caused Sal to have flashbacks of Salina's last breath. He felt like he was going crazy. He wanted to see Debra and Derrick so bad that his stomach was doing back flips. Fuk it. Sal decided he was going to see Debra tomorrow.  

Meanwhile Niecy & Zavius Conversation

Niecy laid in the hospital bed with her arm in a sling. Zavius was right by her side. He rubbed her long legs telling Niecy he promised her a good massage. Both were guessing what female could have wanted Niecy dead. Zavius was like, if you ask me I think it got something to do with that wretched nicca Sal. His azz was pissed when you put his clothes out babe. Niecy fessed up and told Zavius that Sal and her were talking when the shooting happened. She was sure it was a  brown skin female , kind of lean built. Niecy gave her information to a detective. She was suppose to be released in a couple of days. 

The next day Sal headed on the outskirts to see Debra. His heart ripped into pieces as he became closer to the small three bedroom house. He saw the car parked sideways in the yard. Sal shook his head as he approached the steps, ringing the doorbell. He couldn't wait to lay eyes on Derrick. He missed his son and Derrick needed to know that he loved him so much. Sal rings again, becoming ansy… Debra stumbles to the door with a cigarette in hand. When did you start back smoking he asked? You lucky bastard Debra yelled! What are you talking about Debra? Where is my son? Are you drunk? Sal went inside the house. Debra reaches for a paper weight. What the fuk are you doing Debra? Debra's voice was raspy. You know what's up? I wanted you and your hoe to die together. I did bytch! Finally, I would get the last laugh. Debra pulls the gun on Sal. He backs toward the door. Sal couldn't believe his sweet Debra could do such a thing. It was his fault. He told Debra don't worry about it and that the police had no clue. Sal was able to catch Debra off guard knowing she was intoxicated. He told her not to confess to anything and that he loved her and Derrick so much that he would do anything for them to be a family again. Sal stated he would do anything and begged Debra not to turn herself in. He held Debra tight on the floor against the kitchen wall. Sal took off her wig and began taking off her clothes. Baby we got to get rid of the evidence. Debra stared at Sal and with loopy speech she stated, " it took all of this for you to appreciate me." Sal stated I'm here baby. I'm not going nowhere. Sal stated when Derrick arrives act normal as possible. He's too young for this drama. I'm done with the streets Debra. "Dear God please help us." Sal sat in the floor holding Debra in disbelief.

Meanwhile: Sal visits Niecy

Sal gave Niecy a big smile as he walked into the room. He thanked the heavens she was alive and the damage was not too serious.  Sal questioned Niecy about the suspect. He lied and stated he was afraid for his life too. He asked Niecy was she positive it was a woman. Niecy was consistent with her statements. She told Sal that he should go because Zavius would be returning soon. She stated maybe it would be best if they never spoke again since trouble always trailed him. He agreed and kissed Niecy on the forehead goodbye.

Sal took his time rolling over to Scarlet's. He felt better about himself for some odd reason. Maybe it was the fact he finally knew what he wanted in life and how important it was to him. Maybe he didn't have to pretend to love someone when he truly didn't? He opened Scarlet's door, leaving it wide open. First, Sal hands her the key. Scarlet immediately knows what's up and begins to wail. Sal had made up his mind and as much as he cared for Scarlet her tears wouldn't work. He firmly told Scarlet he never loved her in a wifey way. And he never intended on getting a divorce. Sal said he would make sure the baby had everything he or she needed when the time comes. He walks away and doesn't look back. On his way home he drops off Scoops hard. He didn't need that nicca on his back. He sold a little dope to barely meet the ends until he could clean out his system. Finally, he lands a promising job with a temp agency. Sal was excited about his fresh start although when it rained the storm clouds spoke of Salina's spirit. It whispered of his and Debra's darkest secret. But the sun did shine and gave him hope that the counseling for his family would bring about a positive change. Also he and Debra had started back attending church. Sal truly believed with God's forgiveness anything was possible.  

Meanwhile: Scarlet's Thoughts

This muthfuka think he's gonna big me and kick my azz to the curb like orphan Annie. After I bent over backwards, giving him the key to my place, money and food. What! Scarlet throws a glass and breaks a window. I can't wait to have his precious baby. He wanna play with my emotions.  He never loved me! Huh… Well, he think he's got a million problems. Make that a million and one. It's on nicca!

The End

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