Nov 5, 2013

Do & Die In The Hood (Pt. 3) explicit language

The smell of weed caused Sal's nostrils to flare as Scarlet blew smoke sitting in a chair across the room.  Before she could start about his rant Sal immediately apologized, kissing her toes moving up her leg slowly like a smooth operator. He knew she couldn't resist his warm tongue dipping into her marinara sauce. Scarlet moaned with pleasure as she dropped the blunt on the carpet. He bent Scarlet's curvaceous body over doggie style as he began hitting her from the back. Sal sacredly wanted Scarlet to lose the baby so he began pounding her butt as hard as he could. But, she took all ten inches like the bad girl she was and squirted her juices on his six pack. When he was done, Scarlet told Sal if she didn't know any better she would have thought he was trying to knock her guts out. Sal laughed quietly, both of them were quiet for a minute until the carpet burns subsided. Scarlet quickly sits up and gives Sal the business. He was supposed to meet her cuz Scoop tonight so he could pick up his sell.  Sal thanked Scarlet for having his back. He goes and takes a shower while Scarlet tended to her toddler in the play pen. A couple of hours later he was off to make a hustle.  Sal smoked a blunt while driving towards 25th street. He couldn't shake the fact Salina was gone but he was trying to remain strong for Derrick. The look in Debra's eyes was a nightmare in itself. Sal told himself to shake it off and man up. He was going to get his family back together and get out of the game. He figured Scarlet would be satisfied with child support and living in the hood like the rest of them hood rats.
Meanwhile Niecy's conversation:

Zav I got the house lil daddie.  I've already started moving in some boxes. Zav told Niecy he'd pay the electric. He was waiting on a drop off and then he'd be there to give her a nice rub down. Niecy was like "Yes" finally I have somebody to work with me so what if he's 10 years younger with a slight temper. The location was convenient but definitely not a first buyer's dream. It was a good thing she and Zav were renters. Niecy spots a car across the street. Usually chics didn't come to buy after dark. Niecy had a strange feeling about the new customer. 

Meanwhile Debra's Thoughts:

This lil bytch is what Sal left me for. Well I see they've gotten a house and moved out of that slimy motel. Umm… I wonder if Sal has even thought about his son. (puts 22 in a bag) Debra disguises herself with a wig and grey contact lenses. She watches for Sal to drive up in the Jeep. Debra utters under her breath, may the Lord have mercy on the both of you but I won't. 

Sal pulls up in Scoop's driveway on 25th street.  He could hear a bunch of niccas in the background. He walks in, where he's greeted by hugs and smugs. Scoop takes him around back where he gives him the business. Scoop ask Sal about Scarlet and the baby. Sal replies everything is cool. Check in on time and you won't owe me a dime. Scoop's fat belly jumps as he grins showing his platinum sparkle. Both guys shake on it and Sal stated he was out. Scoop asked him to come to the cookout on Saturday so he could meet the whole crew. He stated he wanted him to meet the young bloods and get acquainted with the family. He must be with that fine chocolate bunny on 28th street. I want everybody to know what territory to cover. Sal nodded and drove off. Sal drives around to become more familiar with his surroundings. He passes 27th street where he's approached by some fag who asked to suck his dic for a hit. Sal almost had to run him over like a Mack truck . He thought to himself selling this hard is going to be harder than he realized. He wheeled around on 28th where it seemed quiet. Most of the houses were vacant except for two on the corner. It couldn't be as Sal drives a tad closer, Niecy? Sal knew that walk anywhere. but… It was Niecy toting a box. Her thick black hair pulled back in a ponytail. Sal wondered what was she doing on 28th street. Besides, he didn't see that young blood she was fuking wit on the block. 

Niecy & Sal's Encounter

Sal pulled up from the other side of the street. He wanted to surprise his 
old flame. If Niecy would have him back he'd be moving his clothes in 
tonight. Niecy had her ways but she was a hard working woman and for 
that she deserved his respect. And Niecy never tried to trap a brotha
with babies and shitz. She was an independent black queen. Sal raised 
his head up, Niecy was thumping on the window. Nicca what are you 
doing here? I thought I told you it was ova boi. Sal told Niecy to relax 
he was doing some business in the area and happened to see her unloading 
boxes. Oh so you serious about this young dude. Uh.. I'm not mad atcha 
Niecy. You’re a woman who handles hers just be careful Ms. beautiful. 
I miss you. (rustling sound) Niecy states did you hear that… Sal is like no. 
Niecy you're awfully jittery. I told ya to relax. Niecy stated , I wonder who 
the chic is in the car across the street. She's been sitting there for a couple 
of hours and haven't bought shitz. The bytch is starting to get on my nerves. 
Sal walks over to the car. Niecy there's nobody in this car. Gurl you betta
stop smoking so much weed. About that time Sal hears a gun shot.
He screams Niecy's name but there was no response. Sal runs back to his
jeep and takes off. He thinks it's a drug deal gone bad.

to be cont'd
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