Dec 15, 2013

Lies In A Stocking

She recalls the big catalog on the coffee table. It was prized more than the Holy Bible sitting beside it. The sparkling Charlie Brown tree sat near the window sill. The little girl sat in delight making out her wish list for Santa. She would ask her mama would Santa deliver everything this year. She had said extra prayers and had obeyed her mama pretty well.  She even mentioned her good grades in school.  Her mama with a cheery laugh would tell her to go to bed early for Santa would put pepper in her big brown eyes if she was awake when he flew over with his twelve reindeer. The light girl lived upstairs on the second floor in a two bedroom apartment. She often wondered how Santa delivered the gifts without a chimney. The next morning, the smell of bacon and eggs frying would scent her tiny bedroom. She would jump out of bed and run into the front room in her flannel pajamas where she ripped the gifts open. But in a sad disappointment she would ask her mama where was her red bike and other gifts she had made out for Santa. She became angry when she saw the warm glass of milk and chocolate chip cookies still sitting on the table. She would ask questions without receiving an answer. Finally, with frustration in her voice , her mama would tell the little girl just to be grateful for Christ was born on this day. She would tell the little girl Santa would bring the rest of her toys next year. The little girl knew that was a lie. And her thrill of Santa's coming was like the Grinch stealing joy time after time from her confused mind.  How dare Santa! She sat in a corner chair pouting until her friend knocked on the door. And her friend's happiness became sore when she saw what Santa had brought the little girl for Xmas.  In a couple of seasons she would find out more than her little heart could take. It would dampen her holiday spirit for years to come as she found out the truth on one cloudy Xmas Eve. 



  1. ty LaNeshe for reading and commenting on this poetical write. Happy 2014 fellow blogger. :)