Dec 9, 2013

Mr. Mandela

Only a dreamer could imagine the magnitude of Mr. Mandela. Yet, we all share in his gift to the world. Not only were you imprisoned for unjustifiable reasons, but, your body shackled in the prime of your life. Like honey stolen from a bee until the face of death became sweet.  At first you were given a stone. And thank goodness you stood strong admist your adversaries. I see you looking at the promise from a prison cell for twenty seven years. There you stood, a man with an open mind and courage of a true warrior.  I see you gaze and smile so beautifully at your history in the makings.  You were destined for victory. O' Mandela, the masses shouted, "free our Mandela and we will dance in the streets."  We shall crown him Father of our people. And as destiny would have it, you did walk the land of South Africa a free man. A man not bitter…. For you took the stone given and broke the barriers of hatred. You allowed forgiveness to flow from your lips instead of blood. And your dream awoke like a new born. And it yawned, stretching from one hand to another. Mr. Mandela you are still here in spirit. Those who believed in you must not cry and those who admired you must not mourn. We shall rejoice in your going home. You did weather the storm. You are an undying legacy. Alive and well you are… Tonight when I look to the stars, I will see a different twinkle. You see, Mr. Mandela you were an angel on this earth. I am sure you have wings in heaven. Although we have never met Mr. Mandela I would like to say thank you for everything you have done.

jhp ©2013

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