Dec 12, 2013

Spite a Difference

It was not long ago roses decked our minds.
We seemed to meet eye to eye in sound dine and doctrine.
Like an inquiring evening for the conservative.
Why be liberal I urged.
For we became shut like the snapping dragon, always
nagging in the spirit.
I swore by it- without fighting with a fist.
I wished to be elsewhere. For my heart sought somewhere
to have a holy fest in the hourglass of time.
Yet we whined and cried for the windows of heaven to pour
sunshine onto our lamed excuses.
We had too many accusers to apologize for this wise decision.
Therefore, I will not be missing the nip and tuck I cut from under my rug.
It was best for the both of us.
Indifference has left a tart for the bickering messengers.
Our silence was not golden but a defective pattern of speech.

jhp ©2012-2013

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