Jan 9, 2014

Love Revealed

Seal up the golden book, I put it out there
The words of the best love poem, I declare
How my heart of affinity met yours
As we pursued the winds upon julep doors

Still gaze, stood still under one shining star
We sat and talked among the wisest Greek gods
O' how they blessed us with capstone musing
In a modern society, unbelieving

I slumber tears of joy in concrete dreams,
The red hot waters of passionate streams
This should be our first lines of poetry
We live out this phenomenal fantasy

The kindred spirits shall beckon us to stay
In a sphere where love varies in shades of gray
As we made our rhythmic vocal rendition
There we fell head first, a tale for our children

The pre dawn enigmas slumber in fields
But, we bloom in the poppy to serve up thou will
Our merit of pleasure kiss coveted vines
Dips in the moonlight, where we dwell in sublime


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