Jan 9, 2014

Because, Because... explicit freestyle

Cause I'm a woman, the roses perk in my sun.
The trees stand attention, bending to my sway.
From bosom bras to red thongs in the backyard,
The rooster crows in the frosty morning, Eyeing me…
For I am a cozy,  fascinating,  piece of artistry.
Here comes muah…  his lady, the cup of tea that disturbs
his entire day,  See how I tackle his brains
from head to head. The hot spot is where he's lead
to drink my water unto wine. He asked the Lawd
could he spend the night and spin his cares up my
alley cat once more for the rest of his life.  And a dream
came true when he hit my lotto walls. Thus far…
Cause, I'm a woman who knows my lips are attention
getters with pink secrets, chocolate and vanilla bites.
For they indulge in my depth of delight, skittle high,
fruitful episodes of rain fire. I am the plenty.
Those girly girls ain't getting any of my pearls.
They can't, won't , do what I don't.
So let the room swerve beyond my curves and allow me to
bliss assure in his paradise. Bake and shake my cookies in
his everlasting tide from day to day. "Hellooo," said the clock.
It's about that time to foreplay in his jazzy blue land.
It's time for him to see I'm wearing his pants to bed.
I can't help but to caress the talented and sassy class act in me.
Watch him rise to my Juicy Couture perfume.
Watch him go to work as I bind him in twerk mode.


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