Jan 29, 2014


Falling gently from the sky, sometimes disappearing in thin air,
I stand in awe, squinting in your blinding white light.
My face overcomes with glee to see the children roll you into
gigantic balls, make fallen angels with their tiny mittens.
I am smitten once again by your guest appearance.
I was not expecting your company.
Inside, I sip my simmering tea, shaking off your bone chilling sweep.
I think to myself what a day to enjoy Mother Nature's finest.
A young man kindly feeds the homeless.
People tend to be sweeter when you lounge about.
I giggle as teeth chatter in attempt to hold brief conversations.
Your loving sensation purifies the air. 
The grounds look gorgeous in this dressing. 
But, like anything else, the time shall arise 
like the temperature behind the puffy clouds. 
You shall gracefully bow into a puddle, 
excusing yourself in serene accomplishment. 

jhp ©2013