Jan 6, 2014

In The Air (free flow)

You might feel her anguish in the afternoon delight,
if you ever come close,
She was left to bare her sorrow in total isolation.
The planets didn't revolve in her domain. She's off the axis.
And earth had passed away since her dearly departed
Her arms floated out to left field. There was no one pull her in.
She shuns a nation based on commercialism. She couldn't have it.
So she was befriended by ENVY, stealing her emeralds
However, she preferred diamonds. Like the lady on television.
The man claims his prize on bended knee
Her thought rips up the family postcard. It was sapping her adrenal 
gland into gravity. Space had no more space for aliens like her
Feeling her facts in solitaire, she saw neglect and seclusion 
This was his game. It was a game to ruin her for GOOD.
He couldn't rob her of self worth. She already felt worthless.
He must enjoy his occupation aka HEARTBREAKER.

Alone and feeling lonely in the air, wrapping and unwrapping in silk sheets
She should have kept a liar. She should have held onto a cheaters arm. 
In manic positions, rubbing two pennies together as if things would change
She pours a glass of milk, pacing…pacing as some spill onto her blue jeans
"Don't cry over spilled milk" Her mother's voice was as rigid as if she was
 in the room. The walls started to close in, the windows fogged from 
her heavy breathing. She decided to take a walk. 
A few people gave her a shameful face. Could they see that she was torn?  
"Shake it off" "Shake it off" A stranger tried to do some small talk. 
He was strange. He was outside and left alone too. She didn't care and 
became mute in her terrible withdrawals. MISERY would be her company 
since her dearly departed… And when she gets her claws into MISERY, 
she would never let him go, if he ever tried to leave


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