Jan 6, 2014

Someday Soon

The pictures of you frame my frail being,
the slightest mention of your name and I tense,
I am beside myself, reflecting the somber tones,
as echoes of the distance between us burns, it does,
and the new fluorescent bulb is not like the sun.
It's bothersome to the point; I'll write us a song.
I'd rather sit in the dark and talk to myself.
Scream in the corner where no one else can listen or I may be
considered unstable. This is true. I am unstable without you.
How can I admit this unintentional mistake?
I messed up. I took the bull by the horns in a stupid rodeo. 
What a ride!
Maybe this is how things are suppose to be?
But, one thing is for certain and that is eternity has come and gone.
I can't hear you gripe or hold your clammy hand when you appear 
nervous about life. My importance I just didn't consider… 
Your role in my world I just didn't understand...
Now I am sore, aching from the sole of my foot to my throbbing head.
I go to bed in punishment. I made my bed and I lie in it.
Yet, there is hope my dear sweet one. All will be well real soon.
We shall sit on the sofa, watching our favorite comedy,
laughing until the station tunes out. The night shall be late.
For the day shall return when I watch you fall asleep. 
I shall be your guardian angel.
Nothing is good enough to replace our spring happiness.
We were always renewing one another like new wine skins.
All will be well my dear sweet one. Someday, someday soon…


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