Jan 6, 2014

The Promise

It is often good to take long walks
through the iridescence of a rainbow
cherish the breezy nights on an open road
live, laugh, and love to feel your soul dance
the psyche of first time beginner's luck

but as with most things you should know
the ability to reserve this positive flow
is most important, in the grand scheme
when your walk may become rugged
and you can only follow through it

there is no turning back to blue skies
the rainbow smudges into a deeper night
that luck runs onto an icy pond
and you yearn for better tomorrows
to escape the dramas of true reality

you'll be able to walk on by, even going it alone
when people, places and things disappoint
the reserve instinct won't forsake you
it will give you the courage, the extra push
to step out on faith and walk into a promising future


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