Jan 15, 2014

The Virgin and The Hag

There's a house fuming in coals. The virgin boy opens the door
where he's greeted by enchanted hex. He starts to sweat,
being overpowered for there is no shelter from his greed.
He hits the planks awakening the beast, tromping for hunger in the valley.
The grass shrinks and within him falls the rain.
He stares at his opaque shadow with a haunting timid.
On this day, he greets his goddess, the one whom peaks his interest.
She makes her promise to the dark deities in the aroma of incense.
He is very open despite the angel's warning.
He overlooks his engorged mind being pressed into the hag's serum.
He ignores the truth of a glassy ball as he slumbers under her crusty desire.
In a red lunacy, the encrypted codes were cut into his false paradise.
Both he and the hag worm in the daylight of magical prowl.
He bit the fruit forsaking all who believed in his sanctimony.
Yes, Athena paid the hag a sharp visit, sending her beauty into a tail spin.
She pleads with the swine not to judge her jaded soul.
But it flees, so she takes the virgin boy for herself.
Like the imposter of Lucifer with splendor tongue.
She curses the boy with long life and growing wealth.
She does her signs in the twinkling hour.
However, it doesn't stick. Her spells come loose like a one handed clock.
Surely, good shall overcome evil.
The heavens reign as the she utters her omnipresence sorcery to the stony owl. 
She promises the virgin boy blessings at her disposal.
Be the virgin boy in a house of hell and be well. Who shall harm the flesh of fresh youth? Still, the goose bumps appear, his spirit clings as his begotten ails scream out foreign names. For his greed causes him to moan and grunt for a kinder punishment. The neighbors point, he is no innocent boy just look at his horns. His feet are claws and jaws locked with jagged lies. The neighbors shut their windows upon each chilly breeze.  
They keep the deranged spirits at sea. They hear them beat one another to death. 
They don't dial 911 for help or come out until the rage becomes a dreary whisper. 
In defeat the hag withers back into her nightmarish dreams. 
The house topples with demons. It was corrupt and far from glory.


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