Feb 10, 2014


I hunger for your touch.
I feel an urgency to see your handsome face.
I need to kiss your lips; taste your sweet juice.
I love you.
I feel so hollow at this moment.
I need only you to pacify me, only
you can do me the way you do.
You hurt me at times.
I try to walk away, but my heart
beats for you. I'll hold my breath until...
I think of our passion, as it soars.
I'm dead: I'm at peace.
We finally meet; our bodies lace.
I hunger for our bond to last eternal.
And then you admit, you love me too.
I have to make a choice.
I'm hurting so...
Maybe I'll see you in eternity?
Maybe I'll see you in the next lifetime?
Our love is too pleasing to share.

jhp ©2009-2010

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