Feb 24, 2014

We Have A Home- Ms. Blue's Gravity Pt. 2

I sing you have awakened from the unfair nightmare.
The fallen do stand in attendance; no one is late in the vineyard.
He is amongst us in spirit. We shall weep what was borrowed
against us and burn it. For we are learners of old age wisdom.
O' very near the fire emerges from bronze feet; the ink complete
upon the pearly scrolls. Those who did shut an ear shall keep
sailing on, busting heat to the 1st degree.  While the closed mouth 
is fed at the supper table.  The greats of the great shall
welcome you with open corridors. The man who kept his morals
intact like his hat on his head. The woman who humbled her pride
for her husband to wed in the beautiful noon day. They shall have the
final say like silver breaths lining the clouds. This is but a token of the
children harvesting corn. The work was so hard yet today they are anew…
These clues are visional everyday. From the mountains to the deep
ocean's fury. A birth of a baby boy shall be. He shall be crowned King
in his rightful time, place and authority. For hate is not in the heart
of love.  The flesh may detest the hues of the drawing board but our
redeemer receives those who dance in the ghost. And tho our happier days
may be cut short like a nic on thumb. Still the moon strung soldiers shall live
through the darkness. The new world order will greet you and I with
a flowery garment. Man's money will not buy one stone. His pleas will go
unknown as his pleasures on earth. All shall be bright and musical for the
saints to abide within. Do you understand? Then the guiltless shall play
without fear and danger. The mother and father will not be strangers
in their futuristic memories. They will see Ms. Blue tending to her sheep
in the backyard. Her mad dogs shall silently lay beside her pristine blanket.
Her smile shall be sweet as the beehive inside the tree. You will have the
security in defeating the enemy with forgiveness. You survived because he
has risen with all power in his hands. However, if you wade the waters
of Jordan keep the sheep off the wolf's clothing. And always remember
everything is not for everybody. It doesn't mean you are wrong unless you
do wrong. And whatever you run into bounce back in a graceful tune.
Motivate your zombie logistics towards Ms. Blue's gravity and feel the glory.  


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