Feb 18, 2014

We Have A Home- Ms. Blue's Gravity

When I emerged from the womb
catastrophe laid  upon my kinky hair.
It was wrong like my color before dawn.
I broke the bow of a strange idea.
I submerged in the shadows of the enemy
And fell in love with him.
He taught me to stray, leave
my wife, drink whiskey, chase the
loose woman, and loose my identity.  
And she too began to drink of that tainted stream.
He saw her washing the babies.
Her bosom fascinated his desire and she has
become a crutch ever since. Until some sense
was knocked upon her head by his superiority complex.
She spoke the word and he fled into the night.
His mission- to forever clash the grass roots family.
He cleverly put enmity between us and thee.
We divided our skin colors. The black man chose
lighter for better because the darker was a curse.
This is your rehearsal. Do you understand?
You reject your own and rejection becomes a friend.
It is Satan's small repayment.
And the repercussions of a purple violet is scorned.
Our children mourn in the torn sun. For the
glass is always empty. They seek refuge in
Ms. Blue's backyard and the dogs get lost in madness. 
The school preps them for bad. As the young man scabs his
scars on the streets. One leech, leeching off a
wayward soul. They search for meat and become his
favorite prey. The mother prays as the baby daddy
is locked away. Justice calls for the master.
He shackles the impoverished people.
This elaborate scheme is lavish like the rich betwixt evil.
It is far deeper than the surface of appeal.
If you bite than prepare to get bitten.  The snake
venom will ultimately kill you in spirit. And
the church is filled with hypocritical black women,
hating for a husband. Why? Someone is going
to be left out and sometimes it's not good to
mingle in the crowd. O' Martha and Mary be
proud there is a true master in the CUT who has
risen and awaits his time to shine. Save yourself.
Tell your sons and daughters and let them wonder.
Go where the winds have no name.
The waters reflect many attitudes but ripples but one.
Choose to live above your means in his crackling
thunder. It will speak further than any foreigner
can travel. Dead in his tracks is the man who shuns
his potter. The woman who fells to recognize her
wealth. She's as guilty as the clan itself.
You make laugh of yourself. Kick one another
under the bus and say my brother, my dear sister was in an
accident. The time to repent is on flat land.
And the power to take you out is more than a snowball
effect. It keeps hording cold sores until it catches afire.
Just watch who and what you dismiss in your freedom mind.
Be aware of those you allow to play in your
systematic playground. Less you become a victim of
circumstance, by chance in the land of intangible laws.
But if you happen to sleep to long than let it be in peace.  


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