Mar 25, 2014

In One Day

Every other day, she would hear
the screams…stomach in knots
like a kid being punched. Her
feelings hurt more than her fractured
jaw or bruised eye. He always had
an excuse for him to lash out.
Despite her gentle pleading and
begging, his answers remained silent.
Like her search for help, as she
bandaged those open wounds. She became
an expert at hiding her pain from the world.
However, home is where you seek refuge.
A place where you suppose to feel loved, 
yet it left this house several years ago from the
impact of his first blow across her face.
And so this violent cancer began to
spread from her head to her feet.

She could have told him goodbye.
She could have told him to leave
her alone for the rest of her life.
The divorce papers could have been
sent in the mail. She could have sought
shelter, protection somewhere else.
If she only believed the Lord would take care…
But, like the saying goes a woman whose
self -esteem is beaten is low and
numb to the abuse she has endured for so long.
She doesn't understand what it is to
be in a normal relationship. She takes
a losing battle upon herself. Those small
hands could not ward off his spontaneous fist.
Her appreciation for being a good wife was
lick after lick. A hard tooth to swallow…
Eventually, something terrible was going to
happen to the both of them.  

One day her fear would be out weighed by rage.
She would do what has been done unto her.
A face lift can't fix it. Her swollen hands would
commit the ultimate sin. Her eyes wondering
what had she done. But, you can't take back
cold- blooded murder. And in one day she would go
from victim to perpetrator. The shadow of domestic
violence had voluntarily made her into a monster.
No one cares about her thoughts and how she
desired to talk. Black dreams never leave the dark.
She color blocked her thoughts, refusing the help
of family and friends.  She would have plenty
of time to think after serving 10 to 20 years  in the
state penitentiary. She'll look back at the battered
woman in the mirror. It will be quite easy to
predict her future as sad as it may be.

Is there justification? The justice system
would have the final say so. I see her worn
flip flops pace the concrete floor.
She finally received some support.  It's too bad
her right to freedom had collapsed behind bars.
His family SHOUTS M.U.R.D.E.R.E.R!
She killed my brother, son or uncle.
Her label will haunt her for the rest of her days.
Sympathy will caress her hair within the nightmares
of a victim. She should have listened to the
pain in her gut and stepped out on faith.
She wishes she could go back in time, but, it's too late.
For her children's sake, for killing the man
who laid hands on her one too many times.
Her compiled prayers of escape were shot in just one day. 


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