Mar 3, 2014

Still I Find...

I still find it in unspoken words only a soul can speak,
the pitter patter of baby steps and rainy days,
my daydreaming of my dreams to come true,
the longest breaths between you and I.
And still I find it within a lovers arm,
family conversations whether strange or norm,
moonlit walks by the beach, a friendly day at the park,
listening to the spirit and song of a child,
soothing music on a Saturday afternoon or
sitting in a small diner eating my favorite soul food.
I still find it between the written lyrics of poetry.
We share a sacred harmony under lock and key.
I find the most pleasure in life’s simple things.
Like nature’s rustling leafs; birds chirping in the sun.
It makes me want to listen midst the storm
because it can be a noisy calm. It can be as that which
causes a river of Godly creations to flourish.
Even when my vision is blurred and my way appears
disturbed, I hold these beauties dearer to my heart.


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