Apr 1, 2014

Inklings of Heartache

Inklings of ink tumble between teeth.
In the late evening my lungs gasps to
speak for his ears only.  Still, I am
the lonely one in the heat of the day
I lay awake, full blast on sleep deprived
with the munchies. Depression and cookies
seem to go hand and hand.
I ask myself why care when he could careless.
His soft caress and blackberry lips are overly
stressed as he attempts to sugar coat what is
happening to us. My throat begins to feel like
it's about to close up. I'm choking up and
can't hardly breathe simply knowing
another woman is tip toeing in our relationship.
These inklings of ink continue to weep my
pains as loud as red lipstick.
She is swinging in our tree house like a play
game for kids. He's allowing it. I thought
my high school crush would have me to hold
forever. Apparently, he is not feeling me.  I've caught
a glimpse of her when he stares off into space.
I knew there was no need to look for answers.
I can hear the guilt in his bland laughter.
It happens the more we are together
My fingers won't stop trembling; my stomach
won't stop quivering as I hurt from his broken promise.


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