Apr 5, 2014

People are People

People are going to be people. If you don't particularly care for associating with people you are probably considered anti-social. Doctors are quick to put labels on unknown causes. But, I would give you an A+ in my book.  Wisely, he or she has learned through consistent experiences or casual observations that people are generally mean spirited. However, 80% attempt to hide this fatal flaw with convoluted smiles, and cheery conversation at the supermarket. Society calls them people pleasers. You have the idol worshippers, courageous heroes, and good ole Samaritans who also live in torment under this tricky disease. Have a seat while I pour myself another cup of thought. Keep the change. It rains cat, dog, and people outside my home. Look out the window. Wouldn't you agree? Most burning souls wouldn't console this fact. Be honest. If everyone loved love than what would we have to strive for besides not getting trampled on by the bigger guy.  We are all characters in this grand art of living until we die. We play a role on this earth whether we like or not. We didn't arrive on a perfect planet. This reminds me, I've been meaning to investigate the growing population of aliens. Oh, they are out there! You probably rushed pass one yesterday without so much as a hello. But, seriously, babies are flawed from their first breath. Earth has been a dumping ground since the days of Adam and Eve and some may argue beforehand. The most important part of acing a pop quiz is to make an individual choice to choose the right kind of life. I'm talking about the True life. Like heaven duh…  This place we tread upon is a grain of salt compared to the promise land. Choices, decisions and devotions were not meant to be easy folk.  Nope, to get there takes blood, sweat and tears. Most importantly, it takes a well disciplined volunteer who is willing to sacrifice his or her temporary pleasures for the greater good. This my darlings is where we separate the grass from the weeds, the rubber meets the road; you shall become the cream of the crop when your spirit begins to walk in its divine purpose. Clean yourself up from the inside out. Plant your own garden then watch what your family eats at the dinner table. There should be no one else to blame if it makes them sick, unless your lakes, rivers and streams have been recklessly contaminated by a greedy American corporation. Drink up. Uh, I kind of got off track here.  Long story short, learn what it really means to love without turning around the next day hating yourself for having a heart. Stop coveting thou neighbor's new car. Become a shoe shiner. Do things differently so the light you have acquired will have a fighting chance to block someone else's. 


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