Apr 25, 2014

Rock Candy (sexual language)

Make me soft, I've been working a rigid job.
At times I'm ignored, life can be a pain. Sometimes
"I just feel some type of way." Here I am, trying to
act like I haven't any wants, any needs. Break me…
please make me soft baby. Love me like you have before,
suck on my neck, toes , nipples and more. I will never
erase the passion marks you leave on me. As you put this
mind, body and soul at ease. These heavy emotions have
left the building as your hardness enters in.  Closing my eyes,
you touch it, examine it, before that massaging muscle goes 
at it. Those therapeutic fingers vary, giving me tingles
all over my sensual corners. Gently, you lick my rock hard candy.
I'm relaxed, floating on cloud nine as I dip on top of you.
I can barely contain myself. . I'm such a hot: sticky, delicious,
gummy, wet, popsicle mess. Thank goodness you love it. As we
moan into confetti whispers. We have a connection without
telepathy. We have a beautiful chemistry. And you leave me feeling
as if I'm the only woman you aim to satisfy. From our guilty
confessions and f…king me like it may be our last time but it
never is... I'll answer to your hard knocks in the snow, rain or sleet.
And what I give to you is one of my most valuable things.
You will always have a soft spot in between these thighs.  


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