May 12, 2014

Madam's Butterfly

Madam's Butterfly

We talked beside the Oakwood tree. Our wings flapped in the 
glistening sun. There was no place to run this day. It was the 
season for letting go and moving on as it suddenly sprung upon us. 
The proof shown in green leafs, the deep blue sky, and deadly bull 
frogs. Each gave a background to what was out there.
Freedom… yes freedom.

I perched beside a caterpillar determined to share the shade. Today 
was perfect for flying but I was ready for a nap. He was rare. I 
hardly  ever saw a black butterfly soaring the Serengeti. He cleared 
his voice as he sat upon the lake. As if he was preparing himself for 
some ritual. His dreads swung low like a a dreadful curse reflected 
from the waters.

Softly, I assured him this freckled face chic wasn't always as bold. I 
also had problems finding my niche in the ecosystem. But once I fully 
left the cocoon and became comfortable with me than everything has 
been coming up roses. Shaking  his head, rubbing his goatee, the 
thought of flying solo surrounded his head like the bumble bee. Isn't 
it grand to be out of the wilderness, I asked? No more roaming and 
longing… There shall be no more hiding the authenticity that's so 
unique to us.

I've made this park bench my new home. I would have invited him 
to stay but independence was more my style. She batted her lashes, 
crossed her legs as the men admired from afar.  She could see his 
curiosity was building as tall as the ones  that stood amongst the 
city. And then unashamed he lifted his wings, gave her a hug 
goodbye as he transformed into the man he had grown to be.

I sat watching him vanish under the moonlight. He had begun to 
soar; beginners tend  to float too high in the clouds the first time. 
She could spot him on the darkest of nights. He inherited a special 
shine from madam butterfly. Besides, when the weather starts 
to grow chill and the cruelties more real he'd make himself  
cocoon. It's in his nature to protect and preserve. Everyone 
deserved to enjoy the beauty, love and peace we had to offer.   


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