Jun 11, 2014

Unplugged Society

Hot summers do not help put out the fire.
The existing inferno rages, rolling over
bursting into flames. Frustrations are 
penned up, locked up, released amongst
thunder showers. The pressure sounds like
the whistling tea kettle. The noise is subtle
yet, reappears as steam rising high above
the asphalt.  The hope for those feeling the 
swelt seems unkempt, simply useless trash that
litters the corner. Every now and then a stray
cat catches a rat or gets splattered by road rage. 
Shady days and shade trees sporadically hide 
the insanity lingering around. He begs for a cot
and food. He walks by in his business suit
pretending to be too busy looking on...
Who is tending the melting pot? A single parent

stands in hell for the survival of a family. The 
toddler wonders off in search of empathy. 
The people are becoming too sticky. 
The trees can only shade so much. It is first come
first served.  The tall buildings and exhaust systems
keep blowing the lost ones further from the truth.
There is no outlet for the overloads; the wires are
frayed from end to end. 


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