Aug 5, 2014


Clothes can hide so much
not only bulges and scars
but the protection from ourselves
the fiction and non fiction tales
silk shirts against a solemn ray
cotton and wool worn on melancholy days
softening the outside like summer rain
a small price to pay for comfort
a hefty fine we carry in the long run
a place to bury our problems underneath
every garment is unique, as its temporary relief
bra straps easing off a shoulder, belt buckles
clenching between white knuckles
as we undress staring into the mirror
to see the disguise within ourselves
diamonds and gold hanging from our necks
a mere choke hold for common wealth
and so we learn to sob inside our frailness
hours upon minutes and minutes upon seconds
never learning to deal with the concealment
until we truly become naked and vulnerable
bearing our heart for someone to seek
for someone to accept us for what we have become


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