Aug 26, 2014

Seaside Rendezvous

There will be nothing but smooth sailing,
waves crashing against white rock,
soft footprints left in warmth's glaze,
putting on my shades,
for today is going to be bright,
as the coral scarf around my waist,
at a gentle pace the view of ecstasy
swifts along the coconut trees,
perfumed clouds form sensual leads,
alluring my taste abroad as I bite
on each minute before nightfall,
when we shall seaside rendezvous,
sit and hold hands under a candlelit canopy,
sipping on cucumber lattes ,
fondling with love,rubbing cheek to cheek,
my dainty lashes flutter do as you please,
I am searching you and your most intimate parts,
like raging waters meeting a peaceful shore,
feeling blessed and unstressed in the, 
deep memories of you and I,like volcanic eruptions, 
teasing the mind of the tempted to break free
my heart rhythms as the sailboat in tranquility, 
I'm so glad you came for us.


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