Oct 28, 2014

House of Lies

As her lubrication drops upon a single rose
there is a rising abeyance when he sucks the nape her neck.
His hands are soothing like a silky pain killer.
Her hurt from a thousand men ebbs with each kiss.
Again, she is forgetting what she set out to accomplish.
Between the misty moans, she pauses to respect what he's
attempting to do.  He would love to find his pearl
between dancing shadows. He desires to heal each intentional
scar with his intentional love sessions.
Someone needs to be her hero forever. So he thought…
I will save her in the middle of those nightmares to come.
He dives right in every time she sheds one tear.
It became hard for her to walk out of an easy trap.
She was the mouse and he had the cheese.
However, she sneaks out her reflection in the mirror for a split second.
How could she forgive herself?
There was too much hurt and shame for her to enjoy his affections.
His grips were tight but not tight enough to keep her from slipping
back into the past.
The whiff of his minty breath colored her doubts;
it made her want to lose the self-taught diva act.
As her shapely frame tingles and belly ring jingles on a lubricant day;
she is open, bathing in love, carefully examining the aftermath
of paranoid intimacy.
She knew the time would come when they would have a man to man talk.
One mirror is too much for what she has to face head on.
Her immaculate teeth grimace at the clock for time was a ticking time bomb.
She knew more than her dreams were built upon a house of lies.

jhp© published 2012-2013

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