Nov 11, 2014

Seed Sower

Since day one I have given up everything for everything
To stand the test and blow for blow
I have taken off the gloves
To be his servant and be served
To delight in the surrendering of purple hearts
For I have fought a long and hard battle   
In him, I cleave to a quenchable freedom 
A holy love- one that rises above flesh upon flesh
My soul reviver and wisdom bearer   
He brings me back to my humble dwellings
Where sacred and good things are loosed  
- Divine walls, joyful footsteps and golden tongues
His blessings transcends and swallows me whole
Together we are the seed sower; the finisher of human kind
In thine I’m no longer estranged
In thine I’m no longer afraid
They say nothing takes the place of unconditional love
This is why I’m sticking right by his side
I know for sure that  I am his beloved child

jhp© 2013-2014

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