Nov 24, 2014

Thanks For The Lesson

I used to talk about you all day long.
The ladies sitting around would say I'm caught
up in the charm, in the idea of you and I.
You would walk by me, brushing my hips.
It was a subtle brush but enough to show me you still cared,
while watching television, combing the kinks out of my hair,
you would spontaneously hold my fingertips.
I wouldn't let you listen to my heart beat.
For fear you might sense my insecurity,
the overwhelming shyness I've tried to deal with for sometime…
But, I'd swallow a few shots and we were back at it.
The white liquid and acting on impulse... 
We'd dance the night away and eat at our favorite place.
And oh how you gave me pleasure over and over
I still feel a moist sensation thinking about it. 
Why didn't you  ever stop and say "you don't have
to be afraid because I'm not going anywhere."
"Baby, I can deal with the storms and bad days."
Is that why I indulged myself so much
from the guilt of needing you so bad?
And finally, finally you had enough of wanting me so badly.
And all along I thought I wasn't strong enough to be with you
when the fact was you wasn't strong enough to endure.
I used to talk about you all day long.
Now , I write all day long about this passion of mine.
I got a persistent flame; a brave woman's desire.
The next man will put out the flame and not burn in the fire.

jhp© 2012-2013 

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