Dec 2, 2014

More Than a Mile

Go the distance, far off in the morning,
Let my somber feet touch the soft carpet,
The sound of ramblings awaken the day,
Then you will be where my fingers cannot lie,
When my whispers possess a true identity,
And the seasons dare shame me,
And the rain is good for my suffering,
Then I can gently uncover the blindness,
You are a distance; the light is far off,
My steps do not hurt to walk like before,
For the wondering have vanished above the sky,
At ease I have no reason to ask why-
The leafs shall grow again- as did that funny valentine,
But, today I ask of you like starry blooming wishes,
To go into that field of maze,
Where I cannot find you, where I cannot lay

jhp© 2012-2013 

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