Dec 18, 2014

The Hardest Sorrow

Tho, we will never be like fireflies dancing by the moonlight- 
proudly, glowing together

Those stars that twinkle me a wink, not to seem shy but,
a boast in their fanatical duty, cloaking the universe- above

And the crickets chirp in harmony as if night will be eternal
They'll be making music in love on one accord, in nature's bliss

There is a calm, cool mist outdoors
It is enough to touch my lonesome pain
In a distance, I can hear the 12:00 a.m. train
Sometimes it's a little late other nights early
This is when it hits me the hardest
I pry back my lids to stop them from falling

Everything seems to co-exist, like one big festival
But, we are not visual like the tangible couple
For disdain parted us upon dead sea scrolls- never
to be written or read anymore
Yet, I memorized your ending soliloquy

Like a cloud that lingers but doesn't rain; it is simply discontent
That is I...
Tho, the sun may shine in my windowpane, waking this
weary soul of a loathing stranger- that is I

The birds may sing on key and fly upon the treetops
The frogs may leap onto lily pads happy and free
There will be no one to speak with such longings
Only the miserable days greeting me as before
reminding me, we are flowers and weeds- pulled apart
However, they have not felt grief
As I glance over them in envious emotion

Someday, I'll bring in a handful of roses
smell the misty midnight air as it blows across my auburn mane
Then I'll hear the engine of the 12:00 a.m. train
Time takes time...
It will either kill or heal this heavy pain I have acquired


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