Dec 11, 2014

The Spectrum of Truth

An endowed essence has complexioned her spirit with verve sensations. 

Imbued by divine saturation -- she commits to the consecrated light within.

Her free expression arches the love songs across the spectrum she thrones.

Still, she remains a humbled woman clothed in the aromatic scent of revelations.

If colors could talk than paradise is at the blush of her lips.

If colors could walk, a luminous footprint would be the sole of her foot.

Her spangled arm bracelets jingle aside matted days unto blue skies.

What does she appear but the wonder traveling in the enlightened soul.

Like the fervid blood in her heart, she is free- to be once again.

She reverses her scope and gaze beyond the drab of last days.

For she has been favored with mental obligations that stem further than dreams.

It has become the power invested in her solace sun.

The nature of a spiritual woman who ventures his will.

As she prays in the sleep, sprinkling her wake upon forsaken heads.

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