Jan 19, 2015


Where would we be without the humanitarians in our history?

The life savers, throwing the raft out to those drowning in debt,

poverty, and helplessness. He or she sends the wings of

prayer via airfare to guard over the suffering and those in need

of a caring hug. These people are sent from above. Observant

ones may regard them as Santa's little helpers working diligently

around the clock.  For richer or poorer they are willing to volunteer

and help out.

Often times they don't even receive a thank you, but this doesn't stop

them from humbly accomplishing what they have set out to do.

His or her family may occasionally feel cheated because of the generosity,

time and love they must share with other people. However, where there is

a need for service , whether overseas or in the U.S A. you will find  “The

Good Samaritan” rolling up the sleeves. They continue to be a prime

example for the younger generation to come.

This career doesn't require a Ph. D, but its one necessity is compassion

for the human race. The discrimination, pyramid classification and

self-degrading qualifications can boldly fall flat on their faces.

Humanitarians see pass what so many can't see through. They feel where

others have grown numb. They hear when most have turned a deaf ear.

Instead of looking at stars in the sky and the ones on stage, we should set

aside a special calendar day for the humanitarian spirit. Those individuals

who sacrifice so much with little reward in return.


“Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

 Martin Luther King, Jr.

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