Jan 14, 2015

Inside Mourning

It struck me hard, a lightning rod out of nowhere. It had me shaking
in the middle of the night. There was no one to call except 911.
I was dying but not a physical demise. My thoughts on what if’s,
maybe’s had me at the edge of the bed. I’m steady losing more
sleep and probably for nothing. Every day is going to bring something
with it. I could only brace myself for the IT. The silence crept around
my neck as I suffocated in a terminal depression. Right about now,
I could use a caring companion. However, I was never good at
relationships. I guess that’s the price you pay for being a cheat.
Truly, in my heart, I was saving someone else from my mess,
sparing them the changes. Like the moon hiding behind the clouds
I knew IT existed. The thick fog covered the ground but I knew IT
was there. As I began to get dressed for a Mourning commute,
so I thought, today would be ideal for four flats and a stiff shot of whiskey.


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