Jan 27, 2015

Who Are You ?

Here come the butterflies; the buttermilk churning in 
my tummy. I need to know who are you anyway?
Who gave you permission to introduce yourself?  
So you came to ease my heartache.
Good morning heartache and I apologize if you 
mistook my half cocked smile for the want ads.
wasn't searching for a savior. I got that Mr.!
So your one desire is to be here for me.
Your ordained duty is to protect and serve.
I can read between the lines.
Hmm, I saw those chest muscles and tight 
bootie marching in my direction.
You see my hands on these sleek hips.
Don’t you hear my jazzy tone echoing as if we are in 
the middle of Mardi Gras?
It’s turning you on isn't it?
I’m strictly about my business.
Life is circus enough than to be adding more clowns.
So please mosey alone with the casual conversation.
Just so you understand I only make time for 
special people, places and things.
But I must admit your uninvited introduction had me 
going for minute. In the past, I might have grabbed you 
like a little girl in the candy store.


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