Mar 26, 2015

A Win-Win

As soon as the ball drops, I hear the “bong, bong”, I’m a pro when my back is
against the wall.  I’ll roll the dice, pray for sevens on a hot Friday night.
My arms are laced in gold bracelets.  They bounce to the swing of my perky tits. 
I meant to warn you.  Watch out! I have a dangerous middle finger.   
It carries a sparkle that can blind anyone with 20/20 vision.  
The black dress I’m wearing is making a statement.  It’s tight, short and
fit for a goddess. Better yet, call me lady luck. The Shanghai melody is
floating from the upstairs lounge.  I stare at myself in the steel plated slot
machine. The flooring is so clean I could see the reflection of my five
inch stilettos. The carefree buzz left me with a curious imagination,   
or should I say a creamy vibe. It was thick enough for me to step into and
not get caught…  Everything is sailing along better than the cruise I took to
Barbados last year.  It’s a deal as the wheel spins in my favor. The “cha ching”
is at my fingertips. The thin tranny next to me is playing hard and she hasn't 
quit since I carded in. It’s going to be an interesting evening. (winks)


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