Mar 17, 2015

Remember The Rose

Always remember the rose, the red petals which have not withered,
You have seen its reflection when I struggled in the shade.
The delicate touch upon my creased forehead,
That ever so delicate trace that made me feel safe and cared for. 
Always remember us in my deep brown eyes.
The ones that shed many teardrops of sorrow and joy,
You wept with me, therefore, my soul is of a youthful smile.
My body is as strong as the ox which plows the mound. What would I do if
it weren't for your replenishing love?
Allow me to seal this wonder as I share it with you.
Remember us when the branches are brittle cold;
the summer haze has brought about heaps of coal.
When my spirit cannot withstand much more …
I shall covet the green vines that strangles my hearts pain.
The essence of you and I shall remain in the infinite skies.  
Through you, my muddy river shall rise in hope.
In the dull light, your Star of David will give me the strength to carry on. 
Oh, the power of a beautiful rose I shall always seek to revive me.


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