Apr 1, 2015

Poetry Sandwich

I chose them carefully
Picking through the ing's and ed's
Keeping our lunch appointment
Much words to munch on
Open wide- delicious the lines
As you take one bite at a time

The meat of a poem
Is its soul, the salami and ham
Using the metaphors as a spread
Adding the adjectives with green lettuce
We have a descriptive word sandwich
A mouth watering submarine
Jot your thoughts to create the fixings
Like French fries and beverage drinks

Those ballads you over contemplate
Will be waiting in the fridge
There's nothing like a left over sandwich
Eating the crusty corners and finishing it off
Um, get lost in its spiciness
The enjoyment shall be seen in your eyes
So sop it up, belch it out
until it shows all over the page
have your first luncheon with poetry


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