Apr 8, 2015

Is He?

He is the calm in the middle of my storms; words of kindness roll off his tongue.
He has a gentle whisper when trying to get his point across.
Therefore, I take pleasure in knowing he has my best interest at heart.
When I'm feeling stressed during the day, he is my joy in the morning sun.
I look forward to seeing him. There is a need to impress upon him that slowly
he's growing underneath my skin like a vine encircling a tree.
Every day his realness is pulling me- closer into our destiny.
A brave man is he, proclaiming sweetly he play for keeps.
This man is exhibiting exactly what I need:  tranquility, stability and positive
energy. Still, my mind is telling me it's all a dream. He is no different than the
last one or the ones before.  At times my flesh is tempted to forget the score
and surrender to romance. Is there a slim chance someone could fall for a
lonely woman like myself?  I've always been a skeptic since I was a little kid. 
Most of what I believed had to be seen or did.  However, the future doesn't
tell itself.  I only have these present actions to go on. From a distance,a his and
her bathrobe looks wonderful, yet the question remains unanswered.   


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