May 12, 2015

A Peace Lily Dream

One somber day, my soulful hand did gaze at its peace. 
It was charming as the snow in spring. My fervid breath leaned
in the calm breeze. For this flower was dancing in my dreams. 
My feet of sore age desired to join in. I saw winged angels in heavenly gowns. 
They hovered around like nature's butterfly ready to land. 
This flower must be grand. Even the angels beckon to its call.
There was much beauty, such charm. Had my feet waited too long? 
I could recall the melodies as my head did a zig zag. 
And each step I took led to a greater epiphany. 
My feet becoming lighter and my hands overwhelming with glee. 
For there is truth in every daring dream.

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jhp 2015

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