Jun 19, 2015

Black Liquorish

 raspberry red stuck to the mirror
 the wine from last night
 liquorish lips and kinky locks
 a makeup of her beauty
 a slight nostril flare in 90 degree weather
 oval eyes dipped in chocolate hue
 a blaze in the nude
 slender fingers snap to the music
 joy and love dancing in her head
 dissappointed she's alone
 the day is young;
a fun hearted kid
when spirits of light connect
young enough to share the likes of:
sweet intellect, rich macaroni
a night of passion
her heart beats faster- as it drops
outside there is a vibrant aura
if only she had somone special
to fall for
today she wouldn't mind

 "easy mornings
soft rain
Hershey kisses"

by jhpoetry 2014-2015
all rights reserved by author

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