Jun 23, 2015

Daddies Home

What I find in blue magic
sliding back the glass door
listening too our rhythmic swirl
talk without talk, thick fingers
walk into my paradise
candy sprinkles breaks the ice
cheers to a nice and toasty evening
with my love,
hot moisture permeates the cool night air
 I'm ready to touch
and be touched, until my
cunt burst  with honey,
losing my virginity
is a blessing not a curse
especially when it's with the man I love
my Love squeezes me tighter
adorns me from the traces of moonlight
I encourage his insatiable appetite
by pulling my lace panties to the side
his nature rises to the occassion of
 my special scent, rough and rowdy
is how we like it , we are x-rated adults
releasing erotic tension, he growls like
a dog and I purr like a kitten
if the chidren hear us sucking one another's
flesh, they will have to understand
it's time out for playing when  DADDIES HOME.

by Jhpoetry 2014-2015
all rights reserved by author

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