Jun 11, 2015

On This Journey

I catch myself staring off,
I have too many thoughts,
to carry on this voyage,
more leafs than a tree,
he weight of a pounding river,
rolling off my back, You can feel the pain,
the mud up to my knees; the sting of the
burning sun. even the gravel between the
tiniest toes. Hardships I bear as I swear to
 the forsaken gods. With a dollar clenched in
one fist, and an eagle eye on the next man.
So I detour, constantly searching through
clouds and flowers in a hopeful crowd.
As I step out of my comfort zone crossing
a bridge of faith. A murky voice tends to cast
out my past; I begin to rejoice in my future.
For wisdom has sat herself beside me as
we did speak. On this journey I travel to
the promise. My humble tears, stubborn groans
are being admonished daily. As I draw closer to
the kingdom, reaping the harvest Jehovah, Jah
has intended for me.

 By Jhpoetry 2014-2015
All Rights Reserved by Author

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