Jun 15, 2015

Starving For Trash

Trash feeds the hungry, baseboard crumbs,
shelter hand outs, a bunch of cheese & bologna 
from the government, people are starving,
on park benches, at the dinner table, malls
the trusty neighborhood store, here comes the pastor,
shaking his words, a temporary fixture, for a malnourished,
herd, the beggar borrows a buck, the baker burns for a buck,
 the man with the navy tie dies for a buck , the woman with
 the red scarf around her head is shitz out of luck,
 there's trash in the streets, trash at your feet,
 dirty dancing in the sheets, this world is filthy..
so watch where you step , watch where you lie
 unless your ragged pants get swepted in the pile,
 dutiful trash picker, guard your daughters,
 guard your wives, for the green fumes inflict suicide,
 build your houses and build them wise,
 but no mansion endures as the Most High,
trash gets buried, you can't cover it up,
 why not give it up and come clean?

 by Jhpoetry 2014-2015
 all rights reserved by author

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