Jul 18, 2015


That hard lump like Adam's Apple
And sweaty palms
anxious , fidgety
And that breath blows infinite air

 Another could take you for granted
And dismiss you
And brush you cold
Yet, my hand, warmly welcomes

Taking the liquid sword
For words to explore
 those common and rare
I enclose with a kiss

Mingling in familiarity
this sound-- of syllables
And I wish
Our paths interlock

Bushy tailed, brown eyed affair
describes your adjective
And inking must be the verb
As we proceed

This cordial petting
Graceful and true
How could you breach a bond
And steal a glee

Ah, and hold you
precious and sweet
The lump softens from rain
Page upon page

And that breath blows infinitely
Loud and clear
Enough to know
Our duty is love

For words are speechless
voices write poetry
Dear and silent
Always, here for you


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