Jul 31, 2015

Building From The Heart

A building is building
Did  you know a building has feelings?
From the outside looking in the picture
may appear immaculate.
But the soul can harbor dirty secrets.
Owners  paint the walls in coffee cream.
The bumpy plasters on top of scattered dreams.
Everything is not as it seems...
It wears the pink tulips, round shrubbery and watered grass.
The classy  windows made  of Picasso glass.
The walls still talk, the tale of different walks.
As footprints are left in the dark stained carpet.
A detour for the ones who never truly embarked
upon their calling. The buildings  mature from 9 to 5.
The bricks begin to crack from decades of time.
What's inside shall show on the outside,
the wear and tear of design.
Therefore, always take care of the building's temple.
Spirits linger,  whether good or evil residents,
who take up precedence in a room.
For a possible condemnation may ensue...
Less the peacemaker ask for renovation.
A restoring for generations to come.

By Jhpoetry 2014-2015
All rights reserved by author

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