Jul 21, 2015

Heaven Doesn't Rest

For once
I welcome the light
Since the dawning of darkness
Why sleep? when nobody cares
Heaven need not rest

Tears from rain forest
Ease the sting of loneliness
Where trust has broken my heart
Stolen loves beauty

Now, I stand accused
Only solace in sorrow
Since one flower bloomed alone
Silent silhouette

Sit with my shadow
Pray the clouds remain happy
Pray my slumber swift over
For the night falls heavy

Cold mind and scarred skin
Timing the sun to come forth
Face the blues of an earth song
Heaven need not rest

"rocking with bitterness
a crimson rose
fell from grace"

"hidden shadows
who shall find?
the lamp inside"

By Jhpoetry 2014-2015
All rights reserved by author

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